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Tiffy's rescue story

Maggie a pet sheltered at the Humane Society.
Maggie a pet sheltered at the Humane Society.

Complaints about a extremely skinny dog in the city of Flint had been reported to the Humane Society, the reports were turned over to the cruelty investigator. Upon arriving at the home of the reported abused canine, the investigator discovered what was being called one of the worse cases of a pet being undernourished in a very long time. This neglected pet was also the mother to seven puppies just a few weeks old.
The owner surrendered the mother, but refused to turn the pups over to the shelter for care. The investigator contacted the police along with animal control, and a search warrant was issued. The pet owner turned over the seven puppies; all pets were living in a dog house outside the home in urine soaked blankets.
Tiffy was taken to the Humane Society of Genesee County where a vet checked proved she was severely underweight and an infection that was threatening her life as well. A dog with her bone structure and breed should have weighed at least fifty pounds, Tiffy’s weight was under thirty. Test also revealed that heartworms were present in her system; her fate was not looking good.
The puppies were checked and were doing well, although they would not had survived through the night without their mother’s milk. Their lives were spared due to the quick responses of the Humane Society and the court systems in Genesee County.
Local veterinarians volunteered their services to heal Tiffy and she was spayed to prevent her from having future puppies. Tiffy and her puppies were very fortunate that people had involved themselves enough to help them receive the proper care that she and her pups desperately needed. After four weeks are being cared for at the shelter all the puppies found loving homes. Tiffy was sent to a foster home to be cared for until she could find a forever loving home. I am happy to say she found a great family to love her.
Last year alone the Humane Society received more the 218 calls of abuse, 84 of those animals were seized by the shelter due to abuse and neglect. The cruelty investigator responds to each and every call.
If you feel or suspect an animal is being abused, do not hesitate to contact your local officials and or the Humane Society to investigate. Genesee County residents can call the Humane Society (810) 744-0511 or Animal Control (810) 732-1660.


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