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Tiffany Van Soest hopes to trade leather with Tecia Torres or Joanne Calderwood

During the Jan. 13 episode of ProWMMA! Now, hard-hitting Muay Thai kickboxing champion Tiffany Van Soest (8-0 pro) said she would be open to fighting Tecia Torres or Joanne Calderwood if she was to ever transition back to MMA.

"I love to strike, obviously. Any high level striker," Van Soest said when asked who she would like to fight in her next MMA bout. "The 115-pound division in MMA is absolutely stacked, and there's a few girls I wouldn't mind trading leather with in that division, like [Joanne] Calderwood from Scotland.

"I really like her style. She's real slick and has great boxing. Tecia Torres, she's a great kickboxer. She also has a karate or Tae Kwon Doe background similar to mine. Geez that would be fun. There's a lot of talent."

Van Soest has already completed two amateur MMA fights, but both were held three years ago.

She made her amateur MMA debut on Feb. 26, 2011, at the Road to WCK event in Pala where she knocked out Kate McGray with a gorgeous combination of a left high kick and ground punches early in the second round.

However, Van Soest fell short in her second try at MMA, as she lost to Jin Tang via submission due to a triangle choke inside the first round in Nanning, China on June 18, 2011.

Despite the extensive time away from active MMA competition, Van Soest has remained sharp in all disciplines of combat sports.

"I train in MMA gyms and I do enjoy wrestling for cross-training and fun and I feel like it suits me as a striker to have a strong wrestling base," Van Soest told show host Gina Begley. "You know right now I have thought of opportunities with Muay Thai and kickboxing. I'm just taking it one fight at a time.

"I'm signed with Lion Fight and I have a home with them. I'm happy with the promotion. I'm happy with what they are doing. It's all about the right opportunity for me. If the right opportunity arises, then you know I'll take it. But right now it's one fight at a time. I've got two fights lined up for Muay Thai and striking, so that's where my focus is."

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