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Tiffany Thornton flees with kids: Husband claims 'child abduction' to police

Tiffany Thornton is accused of abducting her own kids and apparently the “Sonny with a Chance” star is not denying this. The Disney star will come out of hiding once her husband sobers up, according to TMZ on May 24.

Tiffany Thorton, the "Sonny with a Chance" star, is accused of abducting her children by her rocker husband.
Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images

Tiffany, best known for her role opposite Demi Lovato in Disney’s “Sonny with a Chance,” is being accused by her husband of fleeing with the kids from California to Texas without his consent. Tiffany’s mother-in-law tells TMZ that she helped her daughter-in-law run away to escape her husband, Chris Carney. It was Chris’s alcohol habit that Tiffany was trying to get her kids away from.

Ruth Carney, Tiffany’s husband’s mother, said that things have calmed down and her daughter-in-law is actually talking with Chris on the phone trying to work things out. She is however upset that her husband took a private family matter and complicated things by calling the police. His actions have now made their private life headline news.

The two were married in 2011 and they have two small boys together, 20-months and three-months-old. Before they were married the couple had a two-year engagement. Carney’s explanation for Tiffany to pack up and move to Texas is because she is suffering from “post-partum depression.” Chris Carney said to the media:

“She took our car without my permission, drove my babies from Los Angeles with my mother to Hot Springs. She said that she's not coming back.”

Chris’s mother Ruth Carney is mayor of Hot Springs. For her to join forces with her daughter-in-law and help her flee her home, something must have transpired. Chris Carney not only filed a police report with the LAPD, but he also contacted the Department of Children and Families in L.A. regarding his wife’s “abduction” of the kids.

Chris Carney said in the initial police report that along with his belief that Tiffany is suffering from post-partum depression her staunch religious upbringing is “at odds” with his rocker lifestyle. This was in the police report, but it stopped short of saying just what that “rocker lifestyle” consisted of.

Tiffany gave a statement to the same media outlet denying what her husband had said. She is adamant that his allegations are “false and being dealt with in the proper forum.” She also stops short of any explanations on the “proper forum,” according to SoftPedia.

“The fact that Mr. Carney has chosen to contact The Insider to publicize these claims raises serious concerns for Ms. Thornton, who does not believe that Mr. Carney's desire for media attention, is in the best interest of the parties of the children, the two young children,” Tiffany said via her attorney.

Her husband’s response was simply that all the steps that he has initiated so far were done out of fear for his children’s safety. He wants them back home in California with him ASAP. Tiffany is now in Texas, at her family’s home, according to the latest reports. Life is not imitating a Disney show for Tiffany these days!

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