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Tiffany Leiseth: Married teacher charged for having sex with two students

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In shocking news a teacher is now being charged with having sex with two of her students. On Thursday, Web Pro News shared about Tiffany Leiseth and the trouble she is in now. Reports are that she sent the students naked pictures and even gave them alcohol. Her attorney is trying to say that what she did was just fine though because the students were of legal age. They were not minors when it all happened.

Police say that she had sex with two different boys and it was at her home. The lawyer says that they were not her students at the time at all and that they were of age. He is trying to say that if this did happen it was after the last day of school and was just fine. The boys were both graduating but hadn't actually graduated yet. It was only a few days away.

Reports are that Tiffany Leiseth has moved back home to live with her parents and has left town. She is just getting away from the situation. She was fired from her job and reports make it sound like she didn't have a relationship going on with the boys but simply had sex with them.

She is being charged with two counts of felony institutional sexual assault and one count of furnishing alcohol to minors. Inquistr shared that as of June 1 she was put on leave without pay. She was actually arraigned in court on Monday and one of the boys admitted to having sex with her.

Tiffany Leiseth was only working as a substitute teacher at the school but she had been there long-term. She was teaching English at the school. This entire case will decide if they can prove that she was considered an authority figure over these two young men when she had sex with them or not.