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Tiffany Leiseth: Another married teacher having sex with her students

Tiffany Leiseth, a substitute teacher from Pennsylvania, is accused of having sex with two of her 18-year-old students, on back to back days, while Leiseth’s husband was out of town. The married teacher was arrested and faces two counts of felony institutional sexual assault on a student, along with a charge of providing alcohol to a minor, since she allegedly got at least one of the boys drunk before having sex with him.

Reports WebProNews: “Tiffany Leiseth, 26, a substitute teacher in the New Brighton School District for the past two years was serving this past year as a long-term English class substitute at the high school. Police were alerted after the district’s superintendent allegedly received two phone calls claiming senior male students at the school were sexually involved with a teacher.”

Moon Township Police Chief Leo McCarthy said that “a rumor that a school teacher was sending nude photographs of herself to two male students” was investigated by Township Police. “They followed up on that rumor and they found those students, and they found the nude photographs, and they identified the teacher.”

Both boys were adults – 18 years of age – but they were still students, making the sexual contact, although allegedly consensual, unlawful under the school and state laws governing relationships between students and teachers.

The teacher’s double trouble sex with the two 18-year-old’s occurred on May 27 and 28, after formal classes were over but prior to final exams. Leiseith initiated the sex, inviting the boys over and plying them up with beer and alcohol. The students denied they slept with their teacher, but their statements were proven false after Leiseth confessed.

Leiseth attorney Mike Deriso said they will fight the felony charges, citing the fact they believe the timing of the events makes the sex legal.

“She was not their teacher at the time, and they were not her students. My client did not pursue those boys. They are adults. They make their own decisions,” Deriso said.

School Superintendent Guarino said Leiseth was fired, and issued the following statement:

The district has provided our complete cooperation with all involved agencies in the matters that were reported and we will continue to do so through the completion of the case. Although we would like to provide further comment, we are unable to do so in light of pending litigation. The individual is no longer employed by the district and we are unable to make further comment as this is a personnel matter and the law prohibits us from making comments on matters of personnel.

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