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Tiffany Brooks on fall's coolest trends in home decor

Tiffany Brooks on fall's coolest trends in home decor
Courtesy of Ms. Brooks

We love it when inspirational, top-notch designers and TV personalities drop by to share stories. Today we are thrilled to present an article by one of the finest ladies in design: Tiffany Brooks, who talks about fall trends—

...inspirational, top-notch designers and TV personalities ..."

Fall’s ‘Coolest’ Trends in Home Decor

As the leaves begin to change and temperatures start to drop, a cozy retreat with the hottest fall decor trends is just what’s needed to spice up the home space! This autumn, we are going to be seeing a push in this season’s of-the-moment colors; chocolate, red, deep blue and warm whites, as well as a combo of stripes and florals.

Below are my favorite fall trends and tips on how to redecorate your home this season!

Color for Fall/Winter
Chocolate brown will be replacing gray as designer’s go-to ‘neutral’ color of choice this autumn. This color will be used on the main surface areas, like walls, ceilings, and flooring. Blues, Reds and Whites are great accent colors in furnishings and accessories to give your space a sophisticated “pop” of color. Whites are always great to accent with for a more modern and clean look. The Blues and Reds mirror the changing seasons outside, and give off a rustic feel that will provide any space with a cozy ambiance.

A tip to add character when accessorizing, is never have an even amount of the same accessory. Perhaps a vase catches your eye; purchase multiple similar vases in differing sizes, shapes or colors. By varying the height or size of objects in the same color (or in the same color palette), will add depth and an unexpected burst to any room you are accessorizing.  Gathering similar items together creates a maximum impact!

Trends in Patterns for Your Home
Mix bold prints—think stylish florals and graphic stripes in wallpapers, fabrics and rugs—but this isn’t your mother’s old-school stripes and blossoms! (Some of my favorites are: Jermandy by FLOR, Robert Allen MING Dragon, Schumachers Vanderbilt Velvet)

Use florals on wallpaper or upholstery, while mixing in graphic patterns on the flooring, and area rugs.  Using the materials in large doses will give you a big visual impact (you can lessen the impact by settling on 2-3 colors in the overall scheme). If you are nervous about ‘going all out’, try mixing up the two patterns in smaller doses, such as pillows, decorative boxes, or on your throw blankets.

Choose Vivid Colors Wisely
A nice graphic that goes with any floral is a striking black and white pattern, such as black and white geometric or a stripe. Contrasting modern cuts and colors with natural elements creates a marriage of delicate and sleek that will give any room that awe factor.

If your floral pattern is more neutral, such as a taupe or gray, make sure you go bolder with the colors of your graphic patterns. You can use colors such as magenta, teals or yellows. To be uber bold, go for a hyper color in large doses. Use your surfaces to claim your intrepid style!

Fall Into Feathers
Feathers are a huge trend this fall. From wallpaper, to pillows and centerpieces, feathers are a stylish accent to incorporate for a modern and sophisticated look. Instead of just incorporating fresh, dried or silk flowers in your bouquet, use feathers in your floral arrangements. Place the feathers amongst similar flower heights, and put the tallest blooms in the center. They add a considerable amount of pizzazz to your traditional bouquet.

Adding a special, personal touch
Use sentimental items in your décor to create a special touch. Such items like; nostalgic photos, memento from vacations and heirlooms to give a personal touch. This gives your environment an intimate feel that is uniquely you.

Books are also a great way to add your own charisma into your decor. You can purchase books from antique shops, thrift stores or garage sales. Using vintage books from your favorite authors is an inventive way to incorporate your literary personality into your decorating. Books can be layered or stacked and used to add height and texture to your home space. You can even place a vase or candlesticks on top of the books for added, dramatic effect!

For some eye-catching details, utilize pieces that have a bit of shine and sparkle to them. This can be anything from crystal objects, to mirrors, to metal Chandeliers!  Place these around your space for a little twinkle!  Things that give off a sheen will definitely be pleasing to the eye.
—Tiffany Brooks

About Tiffany Brooks: Taking her cue from 10 years in high-end residential property management and staging, Tiffany Brooks launched You and Your Decor in 2007. Since its inception the firm's work includes residential projects and boutiques in Chicago and its North Shore, Milwaukee, Palm Springs, and Atlanta. Prior to that Tiffany oversaw complete re-designs of Model homes located in Dallas, and an award winning model in the far north suburbs of Chicago. Most recently winning the title of "HGTV Star", and becoming the designer and host of the network's newest show "Most Embarrassing Rooms In America."

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