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Tiffani Eaton job back: Teacher that drew firestorm over a broom has job back

Tiffani Eaton got her job back after she drew a firestorm of criticism over wielding a broom at two high school students who were fighting in a classroom. The Detroit high school teacher is back at work and receiving retroactive pay, according to school officials.

USA Today reports that Eaton will have the option of either returning to Pershing High School or another school of her choice. The 30-year-old was fired May 1 after she was seen trying to break up a fight between two freshmen.

"We've been working diligently on trying to get her job back," Jeffrey Lance Abood of the Abood Law Firm. "It would seem like it would be the only right thing to do."

High school principal Gregory King had wrote in an e-mail statement that the firing seemed illegal and "basic investigation procedures usually followed were not undertaken." He added that he felt the teacher was illegally fired because she was "physically intervening, risking injury to herself, to protect the safety of students, as school policies require of her."

Tiffani Eaton said her walkie-talkie to call in security personnel wouldn't work and that's why she intervened with a broom.

Gregory King continued that teachers are called upon to do the impossible everyday and this teacher did the best she could under the circumstances. The two male students who were violently fighting with each other posed a serious danger to those around them. Students had mixed reactions to how Eaton handled the situation, but most felt she shouldn't have been fired.

How do you feel about Tiffani Eaton getting her job back?

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