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Tiffani Eaton job back: Teacher fired for broom-use gets her job back

Tiffani Eaton has her job back after being fired on May 1 for using a broom to break up a fight the day before. The incident occurred at Pershing High School in Detroit. Tiffani Eaton, 30, witnessed a physical fight between two ninth graders and did the only thing she could think of to stop them: She grabbed a broom and started swinging. According to USA Today, Eaton was promptly fired which left several people scratching their heads.

Fortunately Tiffani Eaton didn't have to wait long to hear her ultimate fate. She was offered a choice in conjunction with her job back and retroactive pay. The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan told Eaton that she could have her job back at Pershing High School or she could opt to work at a different school in the district.

Tiffani Eaton is happy to have her job back as she didn't feel as though she did anything wrong -- and neither did the school's principal:

"I believe that the Pershing High teacher was illegally fired. She appeared by video to be physically intervening, risking injury to herself, to protect the safety of students, as school policies require of her," explained Principal Gregory King in an emailed statement.

Many students supported the decision to bring Eaton back to the staff but others had mixed feelings about what happened during the April 30 fight. Some believe that Eaton resorted to violence and that she shouldn't have used a broom to strike the students involved in the fight. Eaton claimed that her walkie-talkie -- which would have been used to alert a security guard -- was her first option but she decided to grab the broom when the electronic device failed to work. What do you think? Was Eaton in the wrong for using a broom to break up the fight?

Regardless, Tiffani Eaton has her job back and she has the support of the school's principal as well as others in the community. Check out the video above for the original story.

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