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Tiffani Eaton: Job back for teacher fired for stopping fight with broom

Tiffani Eaton has her job back a week after she was let go. She was fired after she used a broom to break up a fight in the school she worked in. That might seem like a drastic move, but the saying desperate times need drastic measures does apply here. Eaton was in a situation where she had no help, and she did what she felt was needed to do at the time. WXYZ reported on the latest news in this story on May 13.

Eaton was let go from Pershing High School on May 1 for an incident that happened at the school on April 30. A violent brawl broke out in her classroom at the school, and Eaton managed to break it up with a broom. That was not her first choice. However, her walkie talkie was broken, and her calls for assistance were not answered. She grabbed a broom to stop that fight in progress, and someone at the scene caught the incident on cell phone video. The Education Achievement Authority fired the teacher because of the video.

However, the EAA has now changed their mind about the firing, and they have now reinstated her, and she will also receive retroactive pay for the week she was fired. After her dismissal, Eaton hired an attorney to get her job. That move apparently worked. The EAA has also given Eaton the option of being moved to another school in the district if she chooses.

Eaton's attorney, Jeffrey Lance Abood, said the following about his clients reinstatement: "We appreciate that the EAA acknowledges that their previous action was wrong and we are in good faith discussions with the school district to bring this matter to a resolution. Once that has occurred, Ms. Eaton will be available for comment."

Eaton has spoken out though. She had an interview with Fox 2 in Detroit, and she called her actions "virtuous." She would not do anything differently than she did the day of the incident. The principal of Pershing High School also defended Eaton's action. He did not want her fired for the incident, and he also sent a letter supporting her to the EAA. He felt that Eaton was "illegally fired." Both her interview and his comments are from before her reinstatement. Eaton has not spoken out since her reinstatement, but her attorney did say a statement would come.

During the incident, Eaton used the broom to break up the fight, and she hit the back of one of the students involved. She was accused of child abuse because of the act. The boy's mother called for action following the incident, and she feels Eaton should have waited for security to handle the situation. This is Eaton's first year in the classroom.

With school violence increasing in recent years and the number of school shooting that have happened, it is hard to say how far the fight could have escalated. If one of the boys was carrying a weapon, this situation could have ended up even worse.

What do you think? Should Eaton have waited before acting the way she did during the incident? Should she have gotten her job back? Share your thoughts below.

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