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Tiff Massey's freshly painted shirts sell like hot cakes at Red Bull

Gary Schwartz (left) wearing a shirt freshly painted with a design by Tiff Massey (right).
Gary Schwartz (left) wearing a shirt freshly painted with a design by Tiff Massey (right).
Alonso del Arte

She continues to bring fashion into galleries. Two years ago, Tiff Massey did 'trashion' necklaces at Whitdel Arts. Just a couple of months ago, she showed metal necklaces at Re:View Contemporary. And tonight, August 8, 2014, at the Red Bull House of Art, she has shirt designs which her friend Ron Watters transferred onto shirts with a process so fast patrons were able to take them home this very night.

One thing fellow Red Bull artist Austin Brady has in common with Massey is that they have both exhibited at Whitdel. And Brady has in common with with Paolo Pedini not only Detroit Artists Market (DAM), but also that none of their portraits show eyes: the people in Pedini's paintings have blank eyes, vaguely redolent of Greek sculptures, while Brady mostly covers up his subjects' faces.

The drawings and photographs by Detroit Free Press photographer Rashaun Rucker almost sold out tonight. Rachael Dorn, an artist who has curated shows at Start Gallery, was at first disappointed to see that almost everything by Rucker had a red dot next to it. But her disappointment changed to elation upon finding out about Rucker's limited edition prints. “I got [No.] 2 of 5 and I got it signed,” Dorn said. “I am very enthusiastic!”

As always, Red Bull openings draw big crowds. This time, in addition to a DJ on the first floor, there was live music in the gallery floor: John Ogden Arnold and his band played fairly continuously throughout the night. Unfortunately, both the DJ and the band played louder and louder as they went along, making it extremely difficult to carry any sort of conversation.

In any case, it is much easier to appreciate the art if one goes on a Saturday, during normal gallery hours, which are from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., according to the gallery's website. The current show will probably be up until November or early December. Pedini's work can also be seen at DAM for the rest of this month, while Rucker will join Red Bull House of Art Round 1 artist Mark Moreno and Metro Times illustrator Lee DeVito for a 1-night show about comic book superheroes at St. Cece's Pub in Corktown.