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Tiff Massey impresses at Re:View Contemporary

Tiff Massey poses, wearing two of her pieces, at Re:View Contemporary.
Tiff Massey poses, wearing two of her pieces, at Re:View Contemporary.
Alonso del Arte

It's not the first time the gallery has shown jewelry. But last night was the first time people have been so immediately impressed by the jewelry at Re:View Contemporary that they want to pick it up from the tables and try it on. Tiff Massey's latest designs have that effect.

"If I had a special lady, I would get her one," said Dennis Hayes IV, a painter who is also currently exhibiting at Re:View. Although it should be noted that Massey's pieces can look good on men, as she demonstrated by putting one on one of her friends. For Hayes to get one of Massey's pieces, it would mostly likely involve a trade. "I would trade her my big piece for her big piece," Hayes said. "That would be awesome."

Gallery owner Simone DeSousa's decision to exhibit Massey's work was an almost instantaneous mutual agreement. They met while "gallery-hopping." Massey has exhibited at the N'Namdi Center just a few blocks away from Re:View, as well as in Holland and France, and she's on the slate for Round 8 of the Red Bull House of Art. "I was working at Red Bull and I was working on this at the same time," Massey recalled.

Massey likes to support small businesses: the day before the opening, she was at Brooks Lumber buying some supplies for the installation. The exhibits at Re:View will be up until Independence Day, according to the gallery's website. Over the next couple of months Massey will be busy at her studio in the Red Bull House of Art.

UPDATE, July 3, 2014: According to the gallery's Facebook page, the last day to see the Massey and Hayes exhibits is Saturday, July 5. The gallery is open today, and will be open tomorrow, Friday, July 4, for normal Friday gallery hours. After this Saturday, the gallery will be closed until the Melanie Manos exhibit slated to open on Saturday, July 12.