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TIEG September meeting and plant sale

The September TIEG meeting has a lot going on!
The September TIEG meeting has a lot going on!
Laurie Brown 2014

Even if you’re not a member, you’re not going to want to miss this month’s meeting of The Inland Empire Gardeners. Mary Ann Newcomer, author of the “Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Mountain States” will be giving a talk on “Creating Beautiful Garden Tapestries”. Newcomer is also known as the “Dirt Diva” on the Boise radio station 94.9, blogs at “Gardens of the Wild Wild West”, is the former president of the Idaho Botanical Garden, and is a noted garden designer. Along with her lecture, she’ll be signing copies of her book. This book specifically targets the challenges that gardeners in the mountain west face when growing a garden and includes monthly to-do lists for the garden and also includes seed saving, worm composting and an A to Z guide to garden edibles.

In conjunction with the garden tapestries theme, there will be a raffle held for a lovely wall hanging by Charles Wysocki called “Remington the Horticulturalist”. Remington is a ginger cat, sleeping in a box of seeds in a potting shed full of garden tools and supplies. The whimsical tapestry will charm any cat or garden lover.

The September meeting is also the Tomato Taste-off. Bring entries to the meeting before 6 p.m. and have them labeled as to type (cherry, plum, beefsteak, etc), name of tomato, and name of the person submitting the entry. Each entry must have one uncut tomato and one cut into 1”+ pieces (do not cut cherry types); include at least 12 pieces for the judges. You may provide extras for members to taste during the break. Knives and cutting boards will be supplied; also, plates will be provided so all entries are displayed the same way. Entries will be judged on appearance, texture, and taste. Prizes will be awarded.

Included in the meeting will be a huge plant sale. Walla Walla Nursery, a wholesale nursery supplier based at the Oregon/Washington border, will be bringing up a truckload of hardy perennials, succulents, and grasses for direct sale. Many of their selections are water wise plants that can help you reduce water use in your garden. While they haven’t said exactly what plants they’ll be bringing, you can look at their web page for plants they normally carry. This is your chance to buy direct from the grower. With the weather we’ve been having, it’s a perfect time to plant perennials!