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Tied to our Desk: Are Neck Ties Making a Comeback in the Workplace?

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Ties appear to be making something of a comeback at work, but just who is responsible for this style resurgence? The dreadfully‘uncool’ figures who decided to abandon them in the first place, apparently.

We’re all familiar with the irritancy that comes with wearing ties whether we wore them briefly in childhood as part of our stuffy school uniforms or at formal family occasions but wearing a tie in the workplace has become a way of life in recent years.

Ties in the Public Eye

The sight of news presenters and politicians in ties puts us at ease and inspires trust. We often feel uncomfortable when political figures attempt the ‘casual’ no-tie look because we are so accustomed to tradition and can’t possibly take them seriously in any other guise. On the face of it then, MP’s need to be seen with a tie and suited and booted to gain our respect but in some cases, tie-wearing can come across stuffy and pompous and runs the risk of alienating those around you - so why is it this rule works for some but not for others?

This recent trend for ties has come at a time when certain media figures are choosing to abandon the tie in favour of the ‘open-button’ casual look. It is because of TV presenters on laidback breakfast news and light entertainment shows adopting a no-tie-policy that has caused ties to become so popular again. Because when certain media personalities consider this a cool look, the world is - naturally - forced to sway to the opposite side.

Celebrity Tie Fans

In addition to our collective desire to stray from the crowd of ‘trying too hard’, the neck tie renaissance is also due, in part, to the famous figures who canwear it well. Music stars like Pharrell and Tinie Tempah are regularly seen working the slick skinny tie, often wearing it as a fashion statement in itself minus a suit or jacket. Obama has also managed to perfect both the tie and no-tie look surprisingly well and is perhaps the only politician to do so without appearing awkward or stilted.

Wearing a Tie

The tie rule is a little less black and white for the rest of us, however. Should we wear ties in our profession if we have the option or would we simply run the risk of appearing too serious?The founder of London tie company Reef Knots, Patrick Dudley-Williams believes ties will always be welcome in some form, “The tie is, historically, cynical, in its popularity but it’s a classic look and it has a healthy future.”

However long the rebirth of the tie lasts,it’s still easy to look trim and sophisticated at work in other, more subtle ways. A stylish piece of wrist candywill always serve you well at the office ensuring you’re on time and in style.