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Tie-Dye Trend: How To


Try a Tie-Dye handbag to rock this trend more subtly!

This spring/summer season is full of bold, bright, and vibrant designs. From floral to safari, there are endless prints for you to choose from. However, one print that has popped up this season that can be a little more difficult to pull off is tie-dye. There are a few reasons why tie-dye is so difficult to pull off, but the most obvious and also the most common reason is: It’s Tie-Dye! The first thing that comes to mind when people say tie-dye is summer camp as a child or hippies in the 60s; both of which I am sure no one wants to be mistaken for or maybe even reminded of -haha!

So if you are one of those daring fashionistas that love to try out all the latest trends, here is my advice for pulling off this Tie-Dye trend. When wearing tie-dye, make sure you are pairing it with structured, classic, almost serious accessories and apparel.

For Example:

Tie-Dye shirt: Pair your tie-dye shirt with dark wash denim or black skinny jeans, a structured jacket, and classic pumps (not birkenstock sandals, haha). For accessories, keep it simple with either your earrings or necklace being the statement piece. Also keep away from any hemp or leather bracelets, the key to pulling of tie-dye is to tone it down with classic accessories.

Tie-Dye Dress: When wearing a tie-dye dress try pairing the dress with a structured belt or a jacket and belt. For shoes I would suggest some strappy sandals or cute pumps, and for accessories once again keep it simple and serious.

As you can see there is a way to make this Tie-Dye trend work and look fabulous. However, just remember to keep your accessories and non tie-dye apparel classic, structured, and serious in order to tone down this bold print. So don’t be afraid to try out the latest tie-dye trend and let your personal style shine through!


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