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Tickle Up Economics: Paying it forward with Doge Coin & the NYC Bitcoin Center

A funny thing happened on my way to make an apology to the Bitcoin Center NYC: I got bit by the doge coin tipping craze and had my perspective flipped on what makes great social media.

Doge Coin in New York City-slide0
NYC Shiba Rescue
Anthony Robledo pokes fun for Doge Tips
Justin Stone-Diaz

After posting a particularly unfair & brash tip on their Foursquare page earlier in the week I was heading back to NYC's original digital currency education & trading center to make amends in person when I happed to run into a group of friends working on an art project for the now historic first Doge Coin MeetUp & Launch party.

Doge Coin or Doge as it's called by it's growing creative community (also known as shibe) is one of the newer digital currencies which is based upon an image of a Shiba Inu.

In the day before the event as I helped Anthony Robledo & Sarah von Mittelmeer create their Paper Mache Doge Head I got to see the Bitcoin Center's & the digital currency community's unique mix of computer developers, Wall Street investors, artists & students of all ages and genders.

The Doge Party is just one of the ways Nick Spanos, founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC supports the growing digital currency movement by demonstrating the pay it forward culture at the heart of Dogecoin & many new cypto currencies. The space just down the street from the NYSE hosts public events most nights from Developer MeetUps, launch events to regular no fee trading sessions.

At this point Doge Coin is the best performing of the young crypto currencies and owes most of this dynamic growth to it's pay it forward tipping community.

To get started I suggest getting on your favorite social media platform and search for people in your existing network dipping their toes into the Doge Coin Tipping world and checking out these useful links: &

There are active Doge Coin communities on Reddit, Twitter & Facebook and each platform has tipping systems which are fairly easy to use.

For More Information on the NYC Dogecoin Community who hosted the Doge Party please visit.

Who knows which Digital currencies will become the standard for virtual & online transactions in the next several years but NYC's Bitcoin Center & Doge Coin are worth watching.

If you are on Twitter follow me and I'll tip you some Doge Coin to get you started.

I'm @justinstoned there.

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