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Tickets for best haunted house in NYC go on sale tomorrow

Tomorrow, August 1, 2014 will be the first day thrill seekers can order tickets for Blood Manor. This haunted house is located right inside the city at 163 Varick Street so it is easy to get to by subway. Be mindful of the themed nights, but also how the ticket system is implemented this year.

Blood Manor has developed a new ticket system which promises shorter wait times to get inside the haunted house. There will be options to order online and at the door. Regardless of which way tickets are ordered, there will be an assigned time slot on the ticket. There are only a certain number of tickets given for each time slot, so make sure to go when the ticket says to enter. If showing up late, visitors will have to wait for the next time slot to enter, which may not necessarily be the next time slot. Give enough time to get there, so much that arrival time is ten minutes before what the ticket actually says. This new procedure will hopefully move people along faster.

There are different themes for the 2014 Halloween season at Blood Manor. Touch Me Thursdays is very unique in that visitors can experience what it may feel like to be devoured by a zombie or having a demon reaching for their soul. These close contact encounters will happen on the Thursdays of October 9 16, 23, and 30, 2014. Visitors will have to sign a waiver before entering on these nights. On November 7-8, 2014, the haunted house will be pitch black as visitors will only be lighted by a glow stick as they walk through. Hours will vary by the day and range of days. Click here for more details.

A walk through the haunted house typically lasts between twenty and twenty five minutes. However, for the scaredy cats in the group, there will be exit doors.

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