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Ticket Sales Monopoly

Cleveland, Ohio made its mark this past October 2009; when they decided that Ticketmaster would no longer sell tickets for The Q. The proposed merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation legislation is from February 2009 and is still pending in the Senate for 2010.

The merger would create a ticketing and live entertainment promotion Goliath, which would reportedly dominate the concert industry on several levels. Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich of Ohio signed the letter for the federal ticketing transparency legislation; in which this bill proposes prevention from losing out on purchasing tickets to in demand concerts and events.

Nicknamed The BOSS ACT, which stands for Better Oversight of Secondary Sales and Accountability in Concert Ticketing Act, the proposal has separate parts for the primary and secondary ticket markets to bring a basic level of transparency and consumer protections to the ticket industry. Under current Ohio state law, there is no statewide uniform policy regarding the resale of tickets. Rather, each municipality is responsible for defining their own terms regarding the matter.

Presently, the secondary market used for sales in The Q is called VERTIX FLASH SEATS. In 2006 this new technology was launched by the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is an electronic digital ticketing system that allows ticket holders to manage their tickets in a legal way to sell and transfer tickets on-line. Presently, it is not in use to the general public only to Monsters and Cavs season pass holders. A date will be announced soon to open this up to the general public. This system will allow the consumer to use their credit card and driver's license and not worry about printed tickets or stand in will-call. It is a paperless and green way for buying tickets.

Here are the primary market options for you to purchase tickets for upcoming Q events. - Cleveland Cavaliers - No Group Tickets - No Group Tickets - Concerts, family shows, etc.
The Quicken Loans Arena Box Office in person - Cash & credit cards only!
Discount Drug Mart - All Locations - In-store electronic computer so you can order on-line and have   your tickets in hand when you leave the store.

For a complete list of Discount Drug Mart locations, visit


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