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Ticket industry experts to online marketing companies at Ticket Summit 2012

Travis Porter B2B Sales manager Ticket Network demonstrates Point-of-sale software to Ticket Summit 2012 attendees at the   Bellagio
Travis Porter B2B Sales manager Ticket Network demonstrates Point-of-sale software to Ticket Summit 2012 attendees at the Bellagio

Ticket Summit.Org hosted Ticket Summit 2012 at the Bellagio from July 11 through yesterday. Attendance at this year's Ticket Summit conference and trade show , an event with more than 600 participants , was up slightly from last year. Ticket Summit attendees had opportunities to meet industry vendors , to get industry -specific education, to participate in roundtable discussions with ticket industry and social media marketing leaders covering topics from ticket-selling best practices, sales , marketing , and advertising trends , techniques, software and strategies to successfully navigate social media platforms such as Google+..

The focus of this Ticket Summit was for TicketSummit.Org to continue honoring its commitment to stay in front of its target audience and support them by providing educational sessions, insightful round tables and forums, plus three days of networking opportunities and a chance to meet vendors who could provide business solutions from start-ups to expansions in the ticket sales industry.

At the Ticket Summit trade show, vendors demonstrated ticket sales industry products and services which provide solutions for businesses including ticket inventory management, ticket shipping options, business website development and website SEO. There were a number of vendors offering merchant account services and mobile apps for services such as credit card acceptance applications.

Power Pay demonstrated how to accept credit card payments using a credit card swiper and mobile app in about 30 seconds and created a short YouTube demonstration video clip during this demonstration.

One hot topic at this event was how to sell more tickets to sporting events and concerts and how to handle pricing of unsold inventory. A standing-room only crowd filled a ballroom for be part of the roundtable sessions with Doug Lyons, VP of Marketing and Communication for, Larry martin VP of Operations for, and Jeff Tucker, VP of Sales for the San Francisco Giants.

Ticket Summit Executive Director, Molly A. Merez,Ph.D, a leaders who oversees everything from event creation to event completion., said, " I have been involved with this event since 2007. At first, Ticket Summit was an annual event, then it expanded to semi-annual, and now we're working on plans to add even more events on a regional basis and benefits to industry participants such a monthly webinars and industry updates. We want people to have information and opportunities to participate in a timely manner as our industry changes. We realize that waiting a year to get together for updates is not as effective as offering programs monthly."

Molly added, "We're here to serve the industry and want to make information , trends and best practices available to our industry as they are happening so our industry participants can adjust their business practices and be even more successful.. If changes take place and there's important new information, we don't want people to have to wait six months or a year to hear about them and we believe that more frequent networking within the industry will also help everyone. We are developing a new business model which will incorporate plans to connect with our industry members in a variety of formats on a monthly basis."

When asked if Ticket Summit 2013 would be held in Las Vegas and whether it would be returning to the Bellagio Molly said, "We're hoping to be back in Las Vegas for Ticket Summit 2013 but, we're not ready to announce the venue until the contracts are all signed."

On Thursday, Viveca Woods, Publicist for TicketSummit and owner of her own Connecticut Pr Agency, hosted a Press Event which included John Mann, . the Ticket Monster costumed-character, Telly Lovelace of Fan Freedom Project, video interviewers and photographers from Ticket Summit.Org, writers, and even some local Vegas media.

According to John Mann, of, " My biggest challenge is to get more reviews on my site and I welcome more participation. My site has been online since 2010 and it's growing. Of course, I'd just love to have it grow faster."

Telly Lovelace, Director of Public Affairs for Fan Freedom Project based in Washington, DC described his involvement with the Fan Freedom Project as being a result of participation in last year's Ticket Summit and networking. Fan Freedom Project, he explained, is about consumer advocacy issues and letting the ticket industry know that when people buy tickets for an event, they want to have complete control over what they do with that ticket whether they want to use it or even re-sell it.

Terry said, "Consumers should be able to transfer tickets as they choose."

Friday morning, Mike Lorenc, Head of Industry Ticketing and Live Events ,Google Inc,hosted a session today about Google+ .Mike demonstrated how to incorporate Google+ social media platform and Google advertising tools to enhance the online fan experience and grow online presence.

Mikeael explained how the social media platform is evolving and that changes to the Google+ platform have taken place daily since its launch a year ago. He helped participants understand how to use Google+ to engage their brand and to have fans amplify a businesses' online presence.

Mike also shared during this "Hangout with Google" Session that Google + participation should be part of larger, more comprehensive social media plan , and business owners should consider adding a variety of social media platforms to their online activities.A few of the other social media sites and platforms mentioned were Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, and YouTube.

Mike used some case studies and examples during the Hang Out with Google Session which demonstrated how consumers are participating more and using mobile applications for searches..

Daria Musk, a rising music industry star, is an example of a Google+ platform user who increased her online visibility from virtually nothing to 1 million visitors in about eight months by creatively using the platform's free tools.

Mike discussed the use of video content and photo sharing online and gave statistics about how much video content is added online each minute. At this Hangout with Google session, participants were shown features of the Google+ platform which were designed to help track results.

Participants were encouraged to pay attention and utilize the platform tools to identify their brand influencers so they can make more effective busines decisions. For example, knowing who can help their brand would be useful information when deciding who to give free tickets to for an event. It helps to know who will influence others about your brand.

For information about TicketSummit Plus and upcoming events go to http://TicketSummit.Org



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