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Tick infested puppy left for dead in flower bed

Over 100 ticks removed
Over 100 ticks removed
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A badly neglected puppy dubbed "Hercules," is fighting for his life. The pup, who was found this week in a flower bed in McFarland, Calif., was barely alive - his small body was covered in countless ticks which had literally sucked most of the blood from his little body.

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On Monday, the McFarland Animal Shelter posted the following information to their Facebook page about the badly neglected puppy:

Meet Hercules a 2 month old male puppy who was picked up by Animal Control ACO Raymond. This lil guy is barely alive, ticks covering his little body sucking the life right out of him.

Ticks this bad do not happen over night, please spread the word about tick treatment to your friends, your neighbors, your family and even stranger's. There is a treatment for ticks and it is affordable, if for some reason you need help with ticks please call Animal Control for help or your local vet.

Please don't let another animal suffer this slow painful condition, ticks slowly suck the blood out of these animals and cause death if untreated.

Hercules is so weak from the blood loss that he cannot raise his head or wag his tail, and his body temperature upon arrival was so low that it did not register on a thermometer. Hercules was taken to the Delano Veterinarian Hospital for life-saving care; in order to survive, he was given a blood transfusion, but at this point, given the amount of blood that he lost, even the transfusion might not be enough.

Alvie Baker, a volunteer with the animal shelter, shared the following information with the National Dog News Examiner on Tuesday morning:

Dr. Stout began the blood transfusion and advised he still may not make it due to the fact that he was so weak, no body temp and so much blood loss. I brought Hercules home with me to monitor and to keep on a heating pad to try to keep his body temperature stable.

Ha Adolfo, who runs the non-profit organization, Basic Needs Foundation Inc., has been reaching out to the foundation's Facebook followers to help raise the donations necessary to help Hercules survive and it was Adolfo who alerted the National Dog News Examiner to this puppy's dire situation.

Anyone who is interested in making a contribution to Hercules' veterinary expenses can do so by sending a donation to:

Dr. Richard Stout
Delano Veterinarian Hospital
726 South High St. Delano CA 93215-9545

or by calling the veterinarian clinic directly at 661-725-8614 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Please refer to vetting account #22963 for Hercules - two-month-old puppy

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