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Tibetan protester Lobsang Dorjee has died from self-immolation

Daily tensions persist in Tibet. Claims from Beijing that reforms in Tibet are actually working and things have been improving in Tibet are not supported by cries of pain from repression which Tibetans keep expressing. Recently another in a series of Tibetan self-immolators protesting Chinese rule died, reported the Central Tiebetan Administration on Feb. 17, 2014.

Gold Buddha in Tibet
Pixabay/Free photo

Last week a 25-year-old Tibetan protester named Lobsang Dorjee set himself on fire near Kirti monastery in Ngaba in northeastern Tibet. He has succumbed to his injuries and he has died. Lobsang was a former monk of Kirti monastery. He set himself on fire to protest against the Chinese government’s repressive policies in Tibet just days after he offered prayers at the prayer congregation which was being held at Kirti monastery.

Chinese security forces quickly bundled Dorjee away. Sources say he later died at a hospital in Barkham in Ngaba. Shops and restaurants in Ngaba were closed by local Tibetans for three days in order to mourn and to express their solidarity with the family members of Dorjree. There has since been an increased security clampdown by the Chinese police in the region. Dorjee's self-immolation protest and death is a tragic reminder of how horrible things remain for many Tibetans.

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