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Tibetan mastiff sells for $2 million: Just what can a $2 million dog do?

Tibetan mastiff sells for almost $2 million at pet fair in China
Tibetan mastiff sells for almost $2 million at pet fair in China

A Tibetan mastiff sold for $1.9 million recently at a Zhejian pet expo to a Chinese businessman. The Tibetan mastiff has “have lion’s blood” and they are a status symbol enjoyed by the rich and famous, according to The Inquisitr on March 19.

So, just what can a $2 million dog do that other dogs can't? Apparently the dog can speak for you without uttering a sound, saying I am filthy rich!

Regardless of the price and fearless blood line, this dog is beautiful. The dog that netted almost $2 million was full grown, it wasn’t a puppy. The unnamed mastiff weighs 200-pounds, so it is one giant pet to have around the house, or maybe in this case a palace!

You have to figure that anyone dropping almost $2 million on a dog has a home worth at least 10 times that much. This wasn’t the only expensive dog changing owners at the pet expo, which featured “top-of the range” dogs. A similar mastiff was sold for $968,209.

The $1.9 million sale was the record price ever paid for one of these gorgeous creatures, but the prior record was $1.5 million back in 2011. While the person who is the new owner of the $2 million dog wasn’t named, he was identified as a “property developer from Qingdao. The man is 56 and he plans to use the dog for breeding.

The Tibetan mastiff is extremely rare, this is why they demand such a high price. An industry insider said that the price may be a bit inflated, as “breeders often create hype.” The claims of the astronomical prices for the dogs may work at increasing the overall worth of the breed.

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