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Tibetan mastiff: 'Lion blooded' mastiff sold for $2M in China

A Tibetan mastiff was sold for $2 million in China -- perhaps the most anyone has ever paid for a dog... ever. On March 19, MSN reported that a property developer shelled out $2 million to buy a Tibetan mastiff puppy. While you might think that is outrageous money (and you're right, it is), there is good reason for the price tag of these pups.

"They have lion's blood and are top-of-the-range mastiff studs," said the dog's breeder Zhang Gengyun (via MSN). Apparently these dogs have become a status symbol for the richest of the rich in China.

A Tibetan mastiff is a very regal looking dog and has some striking similarities to a lion which could be why they are sought after. Apparently pure bred Tibetan mastiffs are "rare" which explains the hefty price tag. This particular dog wasn't the first one of its kind to be sold for millions of dollars. In fact, there have been a couple of recorded sales topping $1 million over the past couple of years.

Naturally this is a supply and demand thing and as the years pass by, these dogs will become even more expensive. It wouldn't be surprising for these dogs to sell for $3 million or more in the next five to ten years.

Check out the Tibetan mastiff in the video above.

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