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Tibetan communist leader calls for return of Dalai Lama

There remains among Tibetans a dream that His Holiness the Dalai Lama will return home to Tibet. Bapa Phuntsok Wangyal, or Phunwang as he is known among Tibetans, is a veteran Tibetan communist who has called for the return of the Dalai Lama to his homeland, reports on March 6, 2014. The Dalai Lama has referred to Phunwang as a friend.

Phunwang seen with Mao Zedong and the young Dalai Lama in Beijing in 1955
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Phunwang, who is presently 92, is the founder of Tibet’s Communist Party which he later merged with Mao’s Chinese Communist Party. In his upcoming book, "A Long Way to Equality and Unity", Phunwang writes that if the Dalai Lama returns to Tibet, “the homecoming would be peaceful and not chaotic.” In this book the present political environment in China dealing with Tibet and the Dalai Lama has been condemned. Phunwang notes Tibetans are even afraid to request the right to learn their own language at this time.

Phunwang has requested that the Chinese leadership treat the Dalai Lama as it has the leaders of Taiwan, via reconciliation and an abandonment of grudges. It is his feeling if time is simply allowed to pass until the Dalai Lama dies social unrest will only worsen in Tibet. It is anticipated this book will be published this week by New Century Press in Hong Kong. It is uncertain at this time how the Chinese communist leaders will react to this book.

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