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Tia and Tamera Mowry targeted? Tahj Mowry reveals racist slurs (video)

When Tia and Tamera Mowry shared with their fan base about racial slurs they were facing on social media and beyond, people were shocked. Being that it is 2014, society doesn’t find that type of language or action appropriate. Apparently they aren’t the only one facing racist remarks. The younger brother of the famous twins opened up about he too have been dealing with racially charged remarks. Talking with Wendy Williams on Wednesday, it appears that he too doesn’t understand why his sisters are getting so much flack.

"I deal with that all the time too,” said Tahj Mowry on the “Wendy Show.”

Apparently when Tahj Mowry posts picture of himself or his friends on social media he opens himself up to outrageous comments that are entirely inappropriate. While Tahj Mowry is disappointed with how some people act on social media, he isn’t disappointed about his fans. Giving his complete support on his new television show on ABC Family it sounds like "Baby Daddy" is going to be a hit. The show is expect to do well and Tahj couldn’t be more excited to be on television to share his talent.

Take a look at the video clip of Tahj Mowry talking about the racially charged comments he and his sisters deal with on a daily basis. Some of social media’s animosity towards race is insensitive and these types of comments definitely shadow all the progress America has made in the last 150 years of all people being equal.

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