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Thursday on the progressive beat

Local stories of interest to progressives that popped up today:

How Illinois school officials rigged the ISAT Reading Test for political purposes
Well, this analysis doesn't actually explain how it may have been done, but it does provide compelling evidence that reported ISAT scores conveniently rise for bridge-level grades (namely 3rd, 6th, and 8th), saving CPS money by preventing it from forcing low-scoring students to attend summer school  

Illinois Supreme Court strikes down medical malpractice caps
On its face, great news for patients who are harmed. But how about trying to cap the lawyers' take so that more of the money actually goes to the injured parties?

Arbitrator gives CTA go-ahead to cut jobs
... while Daley pleads for more cash-saving concessions

Chicago labor boss Dennis Gannon quits
Good profile of outgoing Chicago Federation of Labor President Dennis Gannon highlights his clashes with the Daley administration

Chicago foreclosures soar in 4th quarter
The daily drip-drip of bad news about the local economy goes on unabated


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