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Thursday night events for single women

This being “Single Working Women's Week” (August 1 to August 7), it seems only fitting to help you independent women find local weeknight hot-spots. Are you on the prowl or just looking to have a good time with your girlfriends? Then these places offer not only a cheap and fun option for your weeknight partying desires, but they are great venues to try and meet single men, too!

If you are a single working woman in Houston, then you know how relaxing and cathartic the weekends are. By weekend, single women of the city understand this to mean Thursday through Sunday night. Why wait to start your weekend until Friday night, when so many fun things are going on around town on Thursday?

Here are a few options for you weeknight party-goers:

Tango Thursdays at Discovery Green Park. If you think it’s hot in Houston right now, then check out Argentine Tango at the Park on Thursday evening to see some real sizzling and hot, hot, hot dance moves! Discovery Green Park offers free Beginners Tango Fundamentals with Susana Collins.
You will focus on the tango walk, lead & follow techniques, as well as posture, weight shifts and fluid movements.

When: Thursdays from 6:30 to 7:30 PM
Where: Discovery Green Park
What: Free Tango in the Park!
Necessary Items: No partner necessary. Please wear shoes with non-rubber soles. No experience necessary.

Free admission at the Museum of Fine Arts. Experience 5000 years of art history in one night…and it’s free!

When: Every Thursday evening
Where: Houston Museum of Fine Arts (1001 Bissonnet Street, Houston, TX 77005)
What: Free admission to the Museum of Fine Arts. Are you a former Art history major interested in perusing through centuries of art history in one night? Then check out the MFAH on Thursday evening!

Bingo in the Heights. You might be thinking, ‘Bingo? Bingo is for senior citizens, not young professionals trying to have some fun and meet local singles.’ On the contrary, Bingo in the Heights is one of the best-kept singles’ secret in Houston.

“Thursday night Bingo is a haven for attractive women in Houston,” explains one Bingo-frequenter, 26-year old Nicholas Yonko. Nick reports that while the potential to meet women was the reason he began going to bingo at Lodge 88, it was the entertainment and fun-spirited atmosphere that has kept him going.

When: Every Thursday evening. Early bird game begins at 7:15 PM. Normal game starts at 7:45. Note that there is a 750 person capacity, and the seats fill up quickly. It would be prudent to show up between 5:30 and 6 PM to save seats.
Where: SPJST Lodge 88 at 1435 Beall Street
What: $5 Bingo (12 games with 6 cards on each game). $1 for each early bird card.
Details: Lodge 88 offers $6 pitchers of Shiner, Miller Light and Bud Light, but you are allowed to bring in your own liquor and wine. Mixers must be purchased at the Lodge. Outside food is allowed, but they do have an amazing kitchen offering homemade burgers, nachos, chips and hot dogs. A portion of the proceeds goes to charity.

There is an opportunity to make quite a bit of money at Bingo, so hopefully you will experience a nice case of Beginner’s Luck on your first visit! Matthew Casey, who was recently introduced to Bingo in the Heights, won $120 on his first visit!


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