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Thursday Frugal Tips on Gardening, growing mint

Growing mint is so easy, it seems a shame to pay good money to buy mint tea. Here are some growing tips to get you started.

Mint is so easy to grow and is hardy in zones 3 - 8.
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  • Growing mint from seed can be quite variable. It makes more sense to start with a cutting (rooting it in water), a transplant from the farmers market or greenhouse, or a shared start from another gardener.
  • Mint plants are “thugs” in the garden, that is, they spread like wildfire. To help cope with this extravagance, plant mints in bottomless containers that are sunk into the ground, or plant aboveground in large tubs and barrels. This is why it is very easy to get a start from another gardener, soon you can share your abundance with others.
  • All mints prefer a cool, moist spot in partial shade but will also grow in full sun.
  • Mints are hardy in zones 3 - 8.
  • There are many types of mints, peppermint, spearmint, orange mint, chocolate mint. All are related and each have a delicious minty flavor.
  • Snip leaves or small sprigs as needed. If you need a great deal of mint, cut the stems to an inch or two above the ground.
  • Use in tea both warm and iced, lamb dishes, rice dishes and sprinkled over a green salad.

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