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Thurkills Vision

Band Photo
Band Photo
Edgar Troncoso

Every once in a while, a local band will shine. Not to say that there aren't plenty of talented local artists in almost every major city in the world...I know plenty. As a matter of fact in Boston and Worcester, there are a lot of great acts to see on any given Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes though, you hear one that makes you wonder why on Earth they aren't being played on every radio station (yet) because they are just THAT good.

Enter in Thurkills Vision - a five piece metal/rock band out of Lowell. The band combines in depth screams with sought after melodic vocal. Unlike many metal bands worth their salt, both scream and song are done by the same multi-tasking lead singer, Yamil Melendez. Intellectual at heart, Yamil (Yami to his friends) found the band name when he was reading a book. The story speaks of the visions of a Thurkill, an English peasant character in the Middle Ages, who had a dreaming vision of purgatory. He returns to right his wrongs and warn others of what their misdeeds will lead to. More than this though, the story is a metaphor for becoming the best that one can be or rising above adversity in order to succeed and gain the best rewards in life. Thurkills Vision tries to do no less than this.

Behind the vocal is a talented slew of musicians who give new meaning to the words "well rounded". Varied musical styles and inspirations and extracurricular interests blend into an incredibly balanced sound which has the ability to both make you want to move and get into a relaxed state at the same time. The music is powerful and complex with layers of melody. The combined efforts of drummer David Malave and bassist Matt Frotten set up a strong rhythmic foundation as the music builds itself into a literal monument to what music is about. Boasting two lead guitarists, Eric Williams and Bobby Rourke, the listener is given a double helping of intricate finger work and expert effects for a high-energy and memorable audience experience. With easy to sing along to lyrics, any show-goer will be humming their tunes for weeks after they've seen them perform live.

The band recently took home a gold record at the Ryan J. Lariviere Battle of the Bands and was hand selected after winning the Ernie Ball fan vote to play at the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival to open for Avenged Sevenfold.

Thurkills Vision's recent EP release 'For the Sleeping' vows to wake you up from your daily monotony. It has five incredible songs back to back, varying in tempo, and is a preview of their much anticipated full length album. Though they are a local band, they sell out every show and pack the venues they play, inspiring large men to mosh and beautiful women to wear tight jeans. Additionally they have been promoting a tasty drink they've named 'Jagervision' which is a must have. You definitely don't want to miss this band if they happen to be playing in your town, because pretty soon you'll be wishing you'd paid the $10 cover to see them live instead of the $50+ ticket to see them grace the big stage as a headlining act at any major venue or music festival.

Intrigued? Check them out at their official website page: and 'like' them on Facebook:


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