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Thunderstorms, large hail, shipwrecks, and cold air

Almanac 1 July 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Almanac 1 July 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

Thunderstorms, large hail, shipwrecks, and cold air top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service archives here events that happened on July 1.

1918 - The wood, bulk freighter Cream City, while in a 2 barge tow, was groping for False Detour Passage in fog when she struck Wheeler's Reef near False Detour Passage in Lake Huron. One of her tows, Grace Holland, a wood schooner-barge, 2-mast, was lost along with her. Not in danger, but tugs were unable to budge Cream City, though they tried for two seasons.

1965 – In Flint the temperature bottomed at 40° for the lowest reading of the month. This is shared with a low of 40° on the 2nd in 2001 for lowest temperatures in the month. Detroit also observes a cold record of 47°.

1974 - A severe thunderstorm produced an 81 mph wind gust in Marquette in the late evening.

1992 - A daily record cold high temperature of 51° and daily record rainfall of 0.97 inches occurred at Weather Forecast Office in Marquette.

1999 - A weak tornado made intermittent touchdowns during the early afternoon in Newaygo County. A few tree limbs were downed, but otherwise there were no damage reports, as the tornado remained over rural areas.

2000 - Moth ball to golf ball sized hail (1.75 inch) fell out of a severe thunderstorm at Lake Gogebic, stop signs were blown down in Wakefield and 10 to 12 inch diameter trees down and power out 12 miles west of Watersmeet. A 70 mph wind gust occurred at Redridge at 1930 EST.

2006 - Trees and power lines down near Indian Lake in a severe thunderstorm 5 miles north of Manistique at 1545 EST caused $2000 in damage.

2008 - A strong cold front passed through northwest Wisconsin and western Lake Superior, producing isolated strong and severe thunderstorms with damaging winds. The GLOS station at Port Wing measured a 50 knot (58 mph) wind gust.

2009 - The coolest July in Grand Rapids history begins with a record cool high of only 64° as clouds and scattered showers prevail.

2011 - A cold front moving through a warm and unstable airmass triggered a line of severe thunderstorms which affected portions of the Keweenaw Peninsula in the evening. Approximately 2-foot diameter pine tree was uprooted in the backyard of a house on Rockland Street 1 mile east of Calumet causing a $1000 in property damage. The tree was lying in a north-northeast direction. The 911 call center reported trees and power lines downed 1 mile east of Calumet and at Chassell causing $10000 in property damage. A small wooden shed rolled once over a fence at Calumet Elementary School. The shed was about 8 feet high and 12 feet wide. Some playground equipment at the school was also tipped over 1 mile north of Laurium. Multiple locations along Caledonia Street had tree damage 1 mile north northeast of Laurium causing $1000 in property damage. One house had a tree branch 1.5 feet in diameter fall onto a deck. Other locations had 6 to 12-inch diameter branches down. All of the branches were broken off in a north to northeast direction. 1 mile north of Laurium, a home on Mine Street sustained $1500 in property damage. Windows were partially broken and a garage door was bowing inward. Rollers were blown off the garage door. Garage was shifted one inch off of foundation. Garage door and damaged windows were on the windward side of house facing the southwest. A damage path stretched from Mine Street through the intersection of US-41 and Church Street in North Calumet. The damage path was oriented from southwest to northeast and estimated to be one-quarter mile wide. Metal building housing a travel trailer destroyed. Several trees estimated to be between 18 to 24 inches in diameter were uprooted. A drill shop roof near the elementary school sustained significant damage. The Calumet Golf Club sustained tree damage. Several oak trees approximately one-foot in diameter were snapped. Several pine tree branches six inches in diameter were broken off. A one-foot diameter pine tree was also uprooted. Trees all fell to the northeast. The Keweenaw County Sheriff reported a 150-yard stretch of approximately 40 trees uprooted or snapped just west of Copper Harbor. The trees ranged from 6 to 18 inches in diameter and fell in the same general direction. Several of the trees fell across Highway M-26 closing the highway. Damage in Keweenaw County was $4000. A 59 mph wind gust was measured at Rock of Ages C-MAN station at 2202 EST. A 66 mph wind was measured by the Passage Island C-MAN station at 2254 EST and a 62 mph gust was measured at the Stannard Rock C-MAN site at 2329 EST.

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