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Thumper wants a fetch partner and loving home to live in.

mia anelli

If you have a quick minute please keep reading. I would love to tell you about my friend thumpeer.

Thumper is not a lucky dog and he's always come up just a little short of the happy and forever, ever after. But then again if you ask thumper, he would tell you he is the happiest dog that ever was. Let me start from the beginning . Thumper has been adopted a few times since i rescued him from the shelter. The people who adopted him from me, always said the right things, always lived in the right houses, and and maybe even had their hearts in the right places. But like I mentioned before something always came up to keep thumper from that happy ever after. You can read more about THUMPERS timeline here.. including his las Vegas vacation that didn't hit any jackpots. ( )

But now, I just want to tell you a little more about thumper.

A happy go lucky pup whose been completely unlucky but Despite his luck or lack thereof his joyful tail wags have never been lacking. A tumultuous start on his journey to happy and forever, ever after But Thumper has always been happy he just wants that ever after. What's a forever and ever after? ... well it's different for every dog but for thumper.. it's the love of a family and the comfort of a home. It's the promise of a squeaky toy and the warmth of his own bed. It's the security and knowing that being a good boy doesn't mean he has to be perfect and that someone in his new family will play fetch with him at least twice a week. His ever after includes snuggling and scratching just above his tail and a new bone at least once a month. It includes someone to practice his sit, stay, and paw skills with and some one he can teach to give high fives...ya see, it doesn't take much to make Thumper adore you..what he really just wants is for someone to adore him back.

He is a pug beagle chihuahua mix.

He is small and perfect for any home. Apt. Or house.

He is young but not a baby puppy. About a year and a half old.

He is neutered and micro chipped and fully vaccinated.

He potty trained and good with most other pets and kids.

Watch his video ! THUMPER high five:

Please contact me to meet thumper..

And show him the love he so deserves.

Email for info ...

Text only (818) 220-0353

Thump is Located in Southern California. 91405 zip code.

Thumper is available for Adoption from INSIGHT ANIMAL RESCUE.

There is a small adoption fee.