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Thumper ended up 3000 miles from safety , rescuer gets a feeling and finds him.

He was rescued from a kill shelter in Los Angeles and adopted. At some point the adopters ignored their contract and put Thumpers life in grave danger. Their actions landed sweet Thumper at an Even higher kill rate shelter in Las Vegas. They knew they could have just contacted me and I would have taken thumper back in if they could no longer keep him, I don't why they didn't. . I also don't know why I randomly thought about thumper last night, or even stranger how I stumbled upon the original adopters instagram account. But I did, where I saw a comment on a photo about how he sent Thumper to live with a friend in Las Vegas. Not expecting to find anything I google searched ' thumper Las Vegas' and the first thing that popped up was Thumper, in Los Vegas at the Animal Shelter. He was dumped there 5 days prior. I immediately jumped into action to bring him back to my rescue and to me. It took a few very ridiculously complicated and stressful hours but by noon the next day he was safely pulled from the shelter and in the welcoming home of a old friend and fellow rescuer in Vegas. He arrives back to La on Tues. Where after I make sure he is a-ok and ready.. He will be looking for a forever home that can promise they will love him and do right by him. Also looking for a foster home if that forever home hasn't found him yet.
If you could open your hearts and home to Thumper he and I would appreciate it.
Please share, thanks

(818) 220-0353
Insight pet adoption animal rescue

If you can't adopt or foster then share and if u can donated towards his transport costs please do.. Paypal email

Please consider falling in love with Thumper.

He is a pug beagle chihuahua mix. He is small and perfect for any home. Apt. Or house.
He is young but not a baby puppy. About a year old. He is neutered and micro chipped and fully vaccinated.
He potty trained and good with other pets and kids.
Please contact me to meet thumper.. And show him the love he so deserves

mia anelli
Insist animal rescue

By the way. I am human . I make mistakes. Spelling and grammar are not my main objectives. So if u catch a error... calm down, and know that I don't care, sorry.. jk let me know and I'll fix it or something.

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