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Thumb Rules For Spells

There are many rules that are very important when doing spell work and should be followed. When doing a directional altar there are many things that can be used. Here are some examples: East - Airy things, such as incense - crystalline, birch wood, and golden fetishes, feathers, butterfly wings, pictures of fairies, and so forth; transparent, white, or yellow decor. South - Fiery things, such as candles, phosphorescent, redwood, and iron fetishes; horns, claws, fangs, thorns, and so forth; red, orange, or pink decor. West - watery things such as potions and oils; shell driftwood, and silver fetishes; a chalice, fountain, mirror, and so forth; blue iridescent, or silver decor.

North - Earthy things, such as herbs, clay, ebony, and copper fetishes; stones, bones, rice, or wheat, and so forth; green, brown, or black decor. Recycle mundane or odious objects for the power of good. Begin practicing magic with basic tools and acquire mightier magical tools and circle paraphernalia over time. Purchase or make candles. Acquire a bell to ring to begin a spell, to transition to different parts of a spell, and to signal its end. Acquire a black hilted, dull, double - edged knife to use as an athame for conducting ethereal operations, such as drawing magic signs in the air casting or exiting a circle, summoning the elements and directing and discharging raised power.

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