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Thug Lovin by Wahida Clark

Thug Lovin Cover
Thug Lovin Cover
Hachette Books

Talented author Wahida took her real life experience while in prison and translated it into a successful writing career.

In her fourth novel, Thug Lovin, Clark tells the story of a loving and devoted married couple Trae and Tasha. Trae is a hustler, who owns a few legitimate businesses, and Tasha raises their three kids. All is good in their world until Trae's lawyer Charli Li starts mixing things up. Apparently she's sleeping with Trae, but I missed when they started sleeping together, and sending him gifts. Tasha does not take this lightly and their marriage falls apart. Their best friends, Kyra and Marvin, are also experiencing some problems of their own when Marvin begins to get high again.  He obviously missed Biggie's warning: Never get high on your own supply.Things go from bad to worse for the couple when they find out that Trae and his crew are being watched by the alphabet boys, FBI, not for their own illegal doing but because of Charli Li's father, Charles. In the end, Tasha and Trae lose something more important than their marriage, they lose some very good friends.