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Thug gunman holds up couple and is killed by his victim after sex assault

The thug gunman world lost one of their own when an armed attacker recently held up a couple in New Orleans. When the holdup artist began to sexually assault the woman the male victim was able to get control of the assailant’s weapon and shot the attacker dead on the spot, according to the Blaze. It appears that New Orleans’ boot hill has one more customer.

Thug gunman holds up couple and sexually assaults woman - shot dead by victim
photo credit - You Tube

The couple had been enjoying an evening on the town when the 26-year-old deceased would-be robber approached them and pulled out his gun. According to the police the young man forced the two to head toward a building which was being renovated, reported the Blaze.

There will be questions concerning the male companion who had disarmed the gunman after a struggle,as to whether once disarmed he should have fatally concluded the robber’s life. But the police after questioning the two victims made no arrests. The case will be referred to prosecutors who will determine if charges will be warranted for the apparent act of self-defense.

New Orleans like any big city in the nation has their fair amount of crime and for the couple who were attacked at least the armed gunman will not be attacking other innocent New Orleans citizens.

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