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Canine Thryoid Cancer, Natural Care

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Holistic Medicine:

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Kya, with Thyroid Cancer ( letter submitted by guardian)

Our sweet chow retriever, Kya, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 9. The tumor was displaced over her larynx and was a very complicated surgery to remove. She fully recovered and we went on our happy way through life continuing our re-checks with her surgeon on a regular basis.

At the two year mark a routine lung x-ray revealed a couple small nodules in her lungs showing that it had metastasized. We then did tests to see if she was a candidate for iodine therapy which had good results for thyroid cancer. She was not.

Next was a consultation with the oncology department but they could only offer us a low dose oral chemotherapy program that included 2 other pills to protect kidneys and liver. There was no scientific proof this protocol would even work for thyroid cancer. My husband and I thought this option was just too high risk of side effects and Kya would just end up being miserable. We unanimously decided against it.

This photo of her was taken on our weekend away after that appointment to let things settle into a better answer. Through a synergistic chain of people and events we were led to a holistic veterinarian and another world of possibilities. Hope was restored and through his application of integrative medicine Kya lived strong and happy for another 18 months living until 2 weeks after her 13th birthday.

Most importantly was how she lived that last year and a half. She felt good. She smiled. She went for walks. She loved to eat. She was happy and strong and was able to live a full chow's life.

We are so grateful for these methods that boosted her immune system and supported her best interest of a happy quality life. We are so thankful for his loving dedication to a lifetime of study and commitment to this important means of treatment that is often over looked and undervalued. My husband and I both know that without it, our sweet Kya would not have had the quality of life she so richly enjoyed all of her days.

Joy and Craig Stanton
Long Beach, CA


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