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Throw The Fight make stop in Detroit

Minnesota's Throw The Fight are hitting the stage along with Stars In Stereo, Black Veil Brides and Bullet For My Valentine tonight at the Fillmore in Detroit.

Throw The Fight
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The band is touring behind their 2012 release, What Doesn't Kill Us and their just released EP of B-sides.

Throw The Fight vocalist James Clark spoke about the tour and the album.

Q: How is the tour coming along so far?

James: Good. It's been going great. We've been getting a wonderful response from the crowd and getting along really well with all of the other bands on the tour. Yeah it's been great.

Q: Has there been a date that has stood out for you?

James: L.A. was pretty great. That was the opening one and it was a sold out show. That was pretty sweet. We've had a bunch of good ones. Chicago was great. Sacramento was sweet and we didn't think it was going to be a good show. Seattle was good. Chicago was kind of a hometown crowd for us. That was great because we had friends and family there.

Q: What can people expect from your sets on this tour?

James: Just solid rock and roll.

Q: Is there a song you are enjoying playing the most live?

James: Yeah the song we play in our set called "When the World Stops Spinning". I had cancer three years ago so it's always a song that means a lot to me. We like to dedicate that to people we have in the crowd who have family or friends who have had cancer or those who have had to deal with it themselves. It usually connects really well with the crowd and people always want to chat with me about it afterwards. That's what it is all about: connecting with the audience.

Q: You have a few singles out from your What Doesn't Kill Us album but you also have the four-track EP out right now as well. Do you plan to release any songs from that?

James: No the EP was really just some B-sides. There's probably going to be another full-length sometime this summer. We are just going to continue working off of the What Doesn't Kill Us album for right now.

Q: Tell us a little bit about the videos that you have out from the album.

James: We've done "One Step Away". We've done "Not So Hollywood" and we've done "Lights Out For Summer". They were great. Our first single was "Not So Hollywood" and that was kind of cool because we rented a club out and filmed the video and played a little bit of a live show as well. "Lights Out For Summer" was in Ohio I believe. It was around minus ten degrees so it looks like it's warm but it was actually freezing. It looks good but it was in terrible, terrible cold. The other one for "One Step Away" was filmed in a warehouse space in downtown Minneapolis and it was about a 100 degrees in there so we've kind of hit every weather and hot and cold season there.

Q: Do you know what the next single is going to be?

James: I don't yet. We're talking about "When The World Stops Spinning" just because of that content and stories about fans and how it has impacted them. That kind of pads in with our lyrical content. That's the idea for the next single I think.

Q: What direction were you looking to move towards when you went in to record the album?

James: You know we had all of the songs pretty much written when we went in so the producer just kind of put them together. Obviously what we were looking for was kind of the center of rock and roll with a little bit of metal. There's no real direction. We just kind of do our thing I guess. It's whatever passion we have for writing at that time.

Q: You do most of the writing so when you sat down to write for the album, which track was most personal for you?

James: Yeah I mean "One Step Away" is kind of a song that is emotionally based as well. It's just kind of about relationships and about how you just can't do something and expect to be in a band and just make it. I mean I've played a lot of shows in front of bad people I guess. It's nice to be out playing now in front of good crowds like this. It's the idea of not giving up and just pushing through. Just pushing through those hard times and hopefully having it working out.

Q: What was your biggest musical influences growing up?

James: I go back to early Metallica and early White Zombie kind of stuff. Also some early Korn. All those bands and bands like Black Sabbath and even Phil Collins. The fundamentals.

Q: How do you describe your music?

James: Well you know. Hard rock with a little bit of metal. You know anytime you use the word metal people say no you're not metal but we're harder than hard rock I guess. Just good time rock and roll. We're a little bit edgier.

Q: What do you have coming up after this tour?

James: We're planning on going back home for Christmas and just writing. The plan is to hopefully have a new album out next summer. We're just going to do some collaborating and see where it takes us from there.

Q: Got any final words for your fans?

James: Yeah I mean I think that the main message we have is for all of those aspiring musicians out there. You know, don't let people tell you that you aren't good enough and just work hard. We've been doing this long enough now that we can say that. You know we started out playing in front of nobody and now look so if you are passionate enough about what you do then don't let anyone else tell you any different. With that being said, you have a lot of work in front of you. So be passionate, work hard and follow your dreams!

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