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Throw Magnets

Throw Magnets
Throw MagnetsThrow Magnets

Brian Conti has a winning concept. Throw magnets are fun and strong. He is an experienced Kickstarter creator. The starting point is a relatively large Neodymium disc magnet. The flat faces are protected with a covering on either side... a custom, thin polycarbonate plastic cover. The magnet is then wrapped in a custom molded silicone rubber outer ring. With 3 magnets each player takes turns throwing three and adding up their score. If a player 'piggybacks' their magnets, they are awarded 2 times the sum...

With 6 magnets, each player alternates throwing their 3 magnets. If a player piggybacks on an opponents magnet, the outermost magnet counts and the previous 'under' magnet points are subtracted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SLB Throw magnets are not toys intended for young children. The magnet has been sized to comply with the standardized small parts cylinder test... but again, these are not intended for young children.

Get on board, grab a game and get started here!