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‘Throw-back Thursdays’ on Facebook. A look at yesteryear!

"Patricia Walston, writer for - age eight months."
Personal photo

On this “throw-back” Thursday, I am taking you back to my very first two articles written for Examiner.

I had never heard of Facebook and other social sites at that time.

However, folks seem to enjoy posting on Facebook such things as old photos or stories. Obviously that is why they call it “Throw-Back Thursdays!”

I started with this company in the very early stages of its beginning when I wrote my very first article on April 10, 2009. As it turned out it would actually be two articles – part one and part two.

Examiner has gone through a lot of growing pains, and I have been right here with them. They are now widely known all across the nation with thousands of writers just like me. Check out their home page for the many categories that they offer for their readers written by ordinary folks just like me.

Here are but a few: News, Games, Entertainment, Life, Religion and Spiritual, Business and Finance – and so many others.

I write under five different titles for Examiner. However, my first and best loved one is Atlanta Faith and Family Examiner.

This is my profile/bio which has remained the same since the beginning:

“An Atlanta native, Patricia Walston is a free-lance writer, historian, genealogist, teacher, parent and grandparent. She is all about family. Pat has written award-winning articles and is published in print and online. A mentor in every aspect of family life based on wisdom, experience, faith and Biblical principles, Pat is a storyteller.”

I believe that all the problems we are facing today could be drastically remedied if the family began once again to be the family God created it to be.

God created the family first, the church second, and the government last. He must have thought the family pretty important. He created the family to be a unit with ties that would keep it together over the centuries. With the breakdown of the family came the breakdown of both the church and the government.

Perhaps taking a look back at these two articles will remind us of the importance of family and the role God intended for it to play in the scheme of things on this earth.

I wish to thank all those who have been faithful readers and who encouraged me to continue writing when obstacles were difficult to overcome.

I have, as of this date, written 1,987 articles since April 10, 2009. I have been blessed and pray that others have been as well. I am just thirteen articles away from my goal of writing 2,000 by my fifth anniversary with the company.

Remember each dime made from these articles has been (and will continue to be) given to a recognized charity that helps families and children such as Miracle Network, Muscular Dystrophy, St. Jude’s Hospital, Girl and Boy Scouts of America, The Salvation Army, World Vision – and so many others.

You may wish to check out other articles by clicking onto my “Content Page.” Just sit back and scroll the titles and see what you can come up with that might be of interest to you.

First two articles written:

The purpose of the family – Part one

The purpose of the family – Part two

Cute little baby in the photo? You guessed it - that is me. It was made in December, 1941 just a few days before the bombing of Pearl Harbor – yeah, this is really, really a throw-back photo.

At about the same time, I made my first debut in the newspapers when a photo of me sitting in the baby scales had the following the caption, “Healthiest baby in DeKalb County, Georgia.”

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