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Throw an Oscar party


The envelope please.

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, a beauty queen or a ballerina. We may grow up, but our desire to be glamorous is forever present in the young at heart. Play to the little girl in you and host a grown up Oscar party.

Glamour and glitz is de rigueur for your event. Step it up a notch and invite your guests to come as their favorite movie star. Dress to impress.

And don’t forget the curb appeal to let them strut their stuff. Pull out the red carpet. Joann Fabrics has a red polyester/cotton blend fabric priced at an affordable $2.99/yard. Use the microphone from the discarded karaoke set to interview your stars as they arrive. And smile for the camera. You will want to share the arrival fan fare on your personal tabloid the day after.

Theme your party for a Hollywood movie set. Factory Card & Party Outlet has a variety of movie award party paraphernalia from star decorations to plates, napkins and martini glasses. They even offer forms for identifying the winners of Oscar category awards.

Ask your starlets to bring a dish to pass. Request it to be a movie or celebrity recipe inspired offering like Patti Labelle’s potato salad or Henry Fonda’s Swedish meat balls both available on Recipe Rewards along with a variety of others.

Award your own Oscar for the person who predicts the most winners on the listed Oscar categories. Or have them earn it for the best performance. Write well known lines on individual pieces of paper like “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” and “Come up and see me sometime”. Have your guests choose one at random, identify the actor and the movie and audition for the part. An awardable Oscar statue can be purchased for under $10 at Hollywood Mega Store.

We may not all be famous, but we can be infamous for our 15 minutes in the spotlight. On Oscar night every star shines bright!

For more info: The Oscars air on Sunday, March 7th. Visit a local Factory Card & Party Outlet for supplies like Bricktown Square, 6560 West Fullerton or Hawthorne Hills Fashion Square at 700 North Milwaukee.


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