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Throw all the bums out!

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Throw all the bums out!

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January 17,2014

The Town Criers introduced a new sign, today, calling for a complete removal of all congressional incumbents and the impeachment of Obama. This is a trend that has been expressed in various media outlets, but has also been part of the experience of the Town Criers as they greet the public.The Town Criers are a committee of the St. Augustine Tea Party who weekly engage the national audience that visits the historic district of St. Augustine Florida. [See “A look at Town Crier’s history” in this publication August 26, 2013]

With congressional approval ratings at all time lows and widespread contempt for Obama the new signage was a simple action plan. Replace all incumbents running for reelection in 2014 and then have that new Congress remove Obama from office. This reporter witnessed overwhelming support from the public.

As you can see from the sample pictures the public is ready to make numerous changes in Washington. It appears no one will be safe in November.

Operation American Spring

“American Spring” Is being organized by Maj. Gen. Vallely. It is a call for ten million patriots to march on and occupy DC. The target date for “American Spring” is May 16, 2014. Part of “American Spring” is to maintain a permanent presence in Washington of about 1 million people. It is a very ambitious rally to say the least. At the “Rally in Tally” held on January 7, 2014 at Florida's state capital in Tallahassee, Debbie Gunnoe, announced the event to the people in attendance. On January 10, the Criers report that they met two individuals on St. George Street who were promoting the same event. Facebook has numerous references to the event. In addition Internet news outlets are discussing it. As a result of this activity the Town Criers also introduced a sign which displayed, “March on DC May 16.” Its purpose is to test the general public’s acceptance of such an event. This reporter will continue to follow the story.



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