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Through The Veil

Beyond the Veil
Beyond the Veil
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 29:38 - 30:1 - 10

The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”

This weeks reading is “Ki Tisa,” “When you take.”

Today we begin our reading with GOD commanding Moses/Moshe to take a census of the Israelites to determine their numbers.

Every Israelite counted shall give an atonement offering for his life. All males 20 years and older are to be counted. They shall give an atonement offering of half a shekel, which will be the sanctuary standard.

The wealthy may not give more and the poor may not give less, for this atonement money shall be used in making of the Communion Tent.

GOD continues speaking to Moshe instructing him in the construction of the copper washstand.

It is to be placed between the altar and the tent; Aaron and his sons must wash their hands and feet from this washstand before entering the tent or performing their divine service unto GOD.

If Aaron and his son’s do not wash themselves in this washstand, they will surely die.

GOD continues speaking to Moshe giving him the recipe for the anointing oil to be used in the anointing of the tent, the ark, the table, it’s utensils, the menorah and it’s utensils ad the incense altar, the sacrificial altar and all its utensils, the washstand and its base, Aaron and his son’s.

This oil will make them holy of holies, anything touching them will become sanctified. This is to be a sacred oil, made only in this recipe, made unto GOD for all generations.

It is not to be duplicated with any variance in the formula, nor is it to be used on the skin of any unauthorized person. It is a holy formula and must remain sacred.

GOD continues speaking to Moshe instructing him in the fragrances of incense to be burned before the Ark of the Testimony in the Communion Tent, where GOD commune’s with him. It shall also be a holy of holies.

This formula is not to be duplicated for personal use, it must remain sacred to GOD.

The incense and the anointing oil are for use unto GOD, if anyone makes it for personal use or unauthorized use, they will be cut off spiritually from GOD and from HIS people.

GOD then speaks to Moshe of the men HE has chosen to create all HE has instructed Moshe to make in and around the Communion Tent, the incense, Oil, Vestments, etc.,

HE has given this man, Betzalel, from the tribe of Judah, Divine wisdom to construct these things. The talent and skills necessary.

GOD has also given Betzalel an assistant, Oholiav, from the tribe of Dan, in whom HE has also placed Divine wisdom and knowledge, just as HE has in the heart of every naturally talented person.

These people will make all that HE has ordered created.

After giving these instructions, GOD speaks again to Moshe telling him to speak to the Israelites, saying to them:

“You must still keep MY sabbaths. It is a sign between ME and you for all generations, to make you realize that I, GOD am making you holy. Therefore keep the Sabbath as something sacred to you. Anyone doing work on the Sabbath shall be cut off spiritually from his people and therefore anyone violating it shall be put to death.”

HE continues… “Do your work during the six week days, but lee Saturday as a Sabbath of Sabbaths, Holy to GOD. Whoever does any work on Saturday shall be put to death. The Israelites shall thus keep the Sabbath, making it a day of rest for all generations, as an eternal covenant.”

“It is a sign between ME and the Israelites that during the six weekdays GOD made heaven and earth, but on Saturday, HE ceased working and withdrew to the spiritual.”

There is so many awesome things happening in these scriptures it becomes somewhat overwhelming to meditate upon.

There is nothing more amazing than the sacredness, the holiness, the sanctity of HIS communion with us.

Have we taken the time to consider just how far from HIM we have become?

In HIS presence, everything was “holy of holies,” not just the inner sanctum where the Ark of the Testimony was kept, but even the very altar of sacrifice, to GOD was holy of holies.

How long have we been focused the veil behind which the Ark was kept, distracting us from the reality that everything GOD had created for HIM, HE called “Holy of Holies.” It was ALL Holy unto HIM, not just that which was beyond the veil.

Everything that touched any of these items was sanctified unto GOD.

It all became Holy unto HIM.

Have we “touched” the holy of holies? Have we washed in the washstand before coming to HIS service? Have we desecrated HIS recipe for anointing oil, incense?

Do we still keep these things Sacred?

Do we keep the Sabbath sacred, or has it also become mundane?

HE commanded anyone breaking the sabbath would be cut off from his people and put to death.

While I’m grateful we have found grace and redemption, for the sole purpose of coming out from under the lies of tradition we have been taught, we still have to consider these commandments of GOD and follow in them accordingly now that we have this knowledge through Grace & Redemption.

Let us not weary in our well doing and our obedience unto GOD for this is our good and righteous service unto HE who has called us out of the World of darkness and into the light of HIS salvation.

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions click over to our "Ask the Rabbi" Forum, HERE.

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