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Through the Gosselin Looking Glass

I was curious when I turned on the television and there was Kate Gosselin and her now 13 year old twins on the TODAY show.

Kate Gosselin on The Today Show Images

Years ago they were part of media frenzy when there were the twins and their sextuplet siblings in younger years. Watching “Jon and Kate plus Eight” had flair as the youngsters went through various toddler stages.

However, they were only there as an oddity and sooner or later that becomes uncomfortable.

Jon has wanted them to live normal lives as many large families do. The purpose of reality television is questionable at best.

What is gained besides perhaps extra money?

And a bigger question, “What is lost?

The girls are very cute and very quiet and looked very uncomfortable. And as I watched this I was wondering what benefit there is to taking youngsters (the Gosselin twins are just an example) and putting them in the national limelight when they have neither specific talents nor specific reason to be in front of so many people.

The girls simply stared and were unable or maybe unwilling to answer even simple questions. It was hard to watch as Kate spoke up to cover the dead air.

There are so many ways that television can be helpful and useful and can be a learning arena. However, over the years there seems to be more and more “let’s get on television” and “get recognized” just for the sake of being noticed.

I say there should be a moratorium for being in front of any large group unless there is purpose.

Children need to be given the safety of privacy and parents need to be the protectors of their youngsters.

As adults if there is anything to say that is helpful and positive, then I say go to it.

Let children to be children. Keep them safe until they can make up their own minds and discuss what life has to offer without feeling they are being paraded around.

The BIG question today is not different than in the past: “What is in the best interest of the child?”

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