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Through the darkest night God shines the ultimate valentine

God's love is still being reflected in Valentine's Day....doing something of real substance.
God's love is still being reflected in Valentine's Day....doing something of real substance.

Valentine’s Day resonates with people celebrating the cherished gift of love, one of the greatest gifts God bestowed upon His creation.'s_Day

The Holy Scriptures disclose that God is Spirit, Light, and Love and these attributes were displayed through Christ to reflect God’s nature.

Our understanding struggles to adequately identify with a God of infinite power and majesty which consistently pales our worth according to our measurements. One can easily become bathed in the lack of adequacy when trying to convey God’s complex triune nature. Our words fail miserably.

The definition of true love in 1 Corinthians 13 of the Bible does a great job in constructing the nature of how God does demonstrate love to His greatest creation. God manifested His love by becoming flesh in Jesus Christ so His love could be displayed.

God does not leave anything to chance by only speaking dynamic words but does much more in showing His love. Christ urged followers by declaring, “If you love Me, then do what I say”.

The call to action by Jesus is to love God with all your mind, soul, and strength; and to love your neighbor as yourself. By following these instructions one fulfills the law of the prophets.

Faith without works is dead, so obviously putting actions to your love requires one to do more than merely thinking good thoughts, praying only, or wishing others well that are facing problems, but by taking action in showing your love for others.

God has never articulated anything without being willing to do it Himself. Perhaps the most telling example is God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son, a blood covenant where if broken it gave the damaged party the right to slay the other. That is how serious a blood covenant was.

On the same location Abraham was going to comply to God’s wishes, nearly two thousand years later Jesus would fulfill the obligation God made with Abraham by preparing a sacrifice that was done before the foundation of the world. The price would be paid by God Himself.

One cannot comprehend the sacrifice made by Christ, even to the point of the Last Supper when Jesus asked, “To remember Me” regarding the price He would pay. The sacrifice of Christ cannot be understood, but it can be remembered, appreciated, and be looked upon with gratitude.'do_this_in_memory_of_me'

Love paved a way for Jesus to pay a debt He did not owe to pay a price sinners could not pay. The song “Amazing Grace” does well to put the sacrifice of love by Christ to our understanding.

Mercy is not getting what you do deserve while grace is getting something you do not deserve.

Valentine’s Day is about showing your love through action and not merely with words. Don’t just tell someone you love them, show them.

God would agree.


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