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Thrill-A-Holik Trekkers Pilot Episode

Thrill-A-Holik Trekkers Pilot Episode
Thrill-A-Holik Trekkers Pilot EpisodeThrill-A-Holik Trekkers Pilot Episode

Thrill-A-Holik Trekkers is a Thrill seeking travel show - and YOU are in the Thrill Zone! In every episode of Thrill-A-Holik Trekkers hosts Kelly Perine, co-hostess Via, along with one or more of backers will travel to a different city or country to tackle a heart-pounding, life-affirming challenge that'll get that "tiptoeing-the-cliff-edge buzz shooting around your body."For the Pilot Episode and each additional episode, they will also select at random one of the Kickstarter Backers ($30 Reward Backer or Greater) to accompany then on the journey!

Embarking on a road trip covering the four corners of the earth, hosts Kelly Perine & Via will introduce you to the various challenges of Thrill Seekers who like to live their lives fast, dangerous and on the edge of the abyss. Kelly & Via meet the "Thrill-A-Holik Trekkers" who take their hobbies and sports seriously.

The hook for each episode is Kelly & Via's eventual participation in the challenge (if they dare) which will likely lead to an adventure of its own.

At the end of each episode, the featured challenge will be given a rating by the hosts and later a rating by the fans. Ratings will be kept on the website so fans can check in and see where their favorite challenge ranks in the Thrill-A-Holik Top 50!

Perks include Blue ray discs, digital downloads, Tshirts, Hoodies and much more.

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