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Thrifty shopping tips from a U.S. Army wife

Save on bright summer looks at Cato Fashions
Save on bright summer looks at Cato Fashions
Cato Fashions

Fort Jackson, located on the east/northeast side of Columbia, is nearly a self-contained city within a city. It is the largest and most active Initial Entry Training Center in the U.S. Army, training 50 percent of all Soldiers and 80 percent of the women entering the Army each year.

Patti is married to a Staff Sergeant at Fort Jackson who served a tour in Iraq. Patti says that she is a thrifty fashion shopper primarily because she does not have enough money to shop for high-end fashions, yet enjoys fashions, accessories and jewelry.

Her first memory of thrifty fashion shopping is that of being a teenage bridesmaid and wearing a pastel floral formal purchased at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. Since then, she has become a true thrifty fashion shopper, always looking for deals, stocking up when she finds them, watching for sales, using coupons and shopping passes, checking for mid-week specials, waiting for BOGO sales, and using her military ID to receive 10-15% discounts at many stores.

She loves visiting thrift shops and believes that if you take your time, you will find the best deals. Among her fashion finds have been dresses, shoes, tops, shirts, blouses, pants and jeans.

Patti often goes to yard sales and sometimes finds great deals. Other times she finds little or nothing. She cautions us to watch the prices and quality of clothing and accessories found at yard sales, since they can make the difference between a real deal and a waste of money.

Her favorite stores for thrifty shopping are Maxway, Rose’s and Goody’s. She says that she occasionally needs to purchase formal wear to attend functions at Fort Jackson with her husband. The best place to find formal gowns at very reasonable prices is

Just this week, Patti purchased a belted blue floral dress, coordinating jewelry and dress sandals for family wedding at Cato Fashions. Her total bill was just a little over $21. That’s thrifty fashion shopping at its best!

Thanks to Patti for sharing her thrifty fashion tips with us.

In honor or Memorial Day, this interview is dedicated to all our men and women in the armed forces, both here and overseas, and say: Thank you, we love you and God bless you!

Always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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