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Thrifty shopping tips for 2014

Some may be familiar with the old saying ‘Use it up, make it do, wear it out or go without.’ Over the years, this has proven to be excellent advice. It helps to avoid impulse buying, one of the biggest pitfalls of thrifty fashion shopping.

Resolve to be a thrifty fashion shooper in 2014
Larisa Koshkina

How many times have we gone to the store looking for one new pair of shorts, and walked by a sale that really attracted our attention. We all have a tendency to stop and look through the selections, and almost invariably find something that looks too good to be true at a price too good to pass up. It may not match anything we own, it may not fit exactly right, it may not be comfortable to wear, but it was 80% off on clearance!

Most of us make grocery lists when we go to the supermarket to do our weekly shopping. It’s a good idea to make shopping lists when shopping for apparel and accessories – and stick to them. If we go with the intent of buying one pair of shorts, we have to make ourselves walk by all those alluring sales of items we really don’t need. Whenever possible, avoid impulse buying and use it up, make it do, wear it out or go without.

Watch the video for five of the best ways to save on clothing.

Thrifty fashion shopping tips for 2014:

  • Avoid impulse buying
  • Shop with a well thought out list
  • Compare sales and specials before leaving home
  • Always try on clothing
  • Keep receipts in case you need to return items
  • Never remove tags until you are sure you will keep the item
  • Do not buy what you do not need
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • Use coupons and shopping passes whenever possible
  • Use Walmart’s or other stores’ price match guarantees
  • Use department store credit cards cautiously
  • You may save by applying for a store credit card
  • Ask if a flawed item might be discounted
  • Do not shop on a whim – plan your trip
  • Shop out of season and end-of-season for lowest prices
  • Always ask about military and other discounts
  • Use Reward Points, store ‘cash,’ and other store credits
  • Seniors watch for senior discount days
  • Try shopping at consignment shops for incredible buys
  • Look through local thrift shops for thrifty fashion finds
  • Watch for neighborhood rummage sales, garage sales, and tag sales
  • Check The State classifieds for items for sale under $100

As always, happy thrifty fashion shopping~

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