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Thrifty Living Discount Center opens in Sandy Springs


Thrifty Living Discount Center (TLDC) a retail establishment located in at 6650 Roswell Road NE, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 opened its doors on October 9, 2009. The center sells new, used and reconditioned goods at affordable prices.  The center is a financial feeder to numerous charitable causes throughout Atlanta and the world.
The Center was formed to help ministries generate funds for it's charitable causes. During difficult economic times, charitable organizations are squeezed at both ends from increased demand for services and decreased contributions. The idea behind the Center is to convert "donations in kind" as well as profits from retail operations into cash resources for affiliated charities.

TLDC is working with non-profits in the community including City of Refuge, Partners to the World (PTW) and Johnson Ferry Baptist Church to support their programs, feed the hungry and house the homeless.

City of Refuge offers both life saving resources and life building tools to individuals and families in Atlanta who are living on the margin.

Partners To The World (PTW) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that specializes in assisting other non-profit organizations in maximizing their potential. PTW is currently heavily involved in assisting various organizations in Botswana, Africa in the fight to reduce new HIV infections. PTW has developed a comprehensive strategy to assist the Government of Botswana in reducing new infections by integrating life skills training in the public schools and by mobilizing the churches of the country to stress the behaviors that can help avoid infection such as abstinence prior to marraige and faithfulness in marriage.

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church (JFBC) maintains an agressive global missions program sending approximately 1400 members and staff on short term mission trips to nearly every continent on the globe. These trips cover a broad spectrum of needs and are typically both evengelical and humanitarian in nature. JFBC has also sent out full time missionaries to various locations around the globe and allocates 20% of its annual budget to global missions.

Learn more about the Thrifty Living Discount Center and it's community partners at

Reporting and photography by Sam Dobrow, a freelance writer and photographer based in Atlanta, GA.  For more information on Sam Dobrow visit


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