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Thrifting: No longer the Bohemian outlet

Thrift Store
Thrift Store

Top designers don't rule the fashion world anymore. People are discovering their own styles and not letting the runways tell them to wear.  Standing out and being unique is what's accepted and appreciated. It's also not acceptable to spend an entire paycheck on clothing anymore either. (People do this). There's no need to be discouraged about not being able to afford the high-end brands. Saving money and looking stylish is possible. How can one find fashionable clothing and maybe even afford upscale apparel? By Thrifting.

What is Thrifting? Shopping at thrift stores that sell used clothing at national chains such as The Salvation Army and The Goodwill, also other local thrift shops like the Buffalo Exchange and Denver's, Your Best Friend's Closet. There are several shops sprinkled around the city. The benefits to thrifting are finding styles that you may still love, but the stores aren't carrying those types of silhouettes anymore, vintage clothing, and awesome deals. Then there's also the high-end brand in really good condition that you may find.

What's so great about a thrift store is that anyone can shop in them. There are no pressuring sales people and they don't cater to certain age groups or styles, so there's something for everyone. Thrifting is mainly about finding special, one-of-a-kind pieces for a steal. But you can't get that almost new Chanel dress without putting in some work. Thrift store shopping can be time consuming. Hunting for bargains takes time and it can be slightly irritating to leave without finding anything. Iit's all worth it when you find that special top, bag, or designer jeans for only $3. To make the best out of a thrifting experience use these tips:

-To find the best items, like name-brands and new apparel, shop regualarly. A lot of stores have a main shipment day or the day that the bulk of new merchandise is put out on the sales floor. Ask the manager when they put out new merchandise. Also drop-offs are random so frequent tripsare important.

-Be prepared to "dig". Many stores aren't merchandised very well, so you'll have to dig for items that catch your eye.

-Stick with what you really like. Don't buy something that isn't your style, ill fitting, or poor quality just because it was really cheap. You'll end up giving it back. Shop as you would in a major department store.

-Don't spend more than $20 on any clothing item. If you really like it and it's $20 or less, don't hesitate to buy it.

-Dress comfortably because you may be shopping for a while and trying on a lot of clothes.  Wear things that you can take on and off easliy.

-Don't buy things you wouldn't consider buying in a mall or other higher-priced store. Make a list of things you need or want. A $3 price tag is very tempting, but it doesn't make sense to buy it if you'll never wear it.

-Go out of your way. If you go to the shops in high traffic areas and a lot of young shoppers, you wont have the best of luck.

Hope these tips help. Happy shopping!



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