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Thrifting in Cumberland County, NJ

Show and Tell at Treasure City Thrift
Show and Tell at Treasure City Thrift
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Recently, "The Grapevine" ran an article about thrift shopping called "Thrifty Thrills" and it featured various thrift shops in the Cumberland County area. But it also talked about the thrill of thrift shopping, the hunt for the perfect item, the vintage find, the one-of-a-kind piece, and the fulfillment that thrift shopping gives to many people. So, while thrift shopping obviously can be about saving money and getting a bag of back-to-school clothes for $10.00, or retail therapy, it is also about so much more.

Is there a favorite piece of Fiesta Ware from your childhood that brings back so many good memories, or a doll you received on your 5th birthday, or how about that first Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys book that you received? You could find these at a thrift store. And how about vintage clothing, bell bottoms from the 60's or big shoulder pads from the 80's? Or Michael Jackson's red leather jacket? Yup. In a thrift store, somewhere, buried under worthless stuff, just waiting to be found. Many people decorate their house through thrifting, finding vintage pieces or maybe just pieces that give that warm, cozy feel. Perhaps you have a hobby such as refinishing furniture. Many excellent quality wood pieces can be found, and are just waiting for that shabby chic look that you can give to them.

Babies! Babies grow so fast and outgrow things very quickly. Their clothing is so cute but so expensive! Clothing your baby out of thrift store finds is a great way to afford some of those designer labels that are so pricey and often you can find some of the most beautiful layette pieces that were not even worn. Newborn clothes are barely worn before they are outgrown and some of the sweetest pieces are sitting in a bin somewhere.

Many people shop in thrift stores and it seems to be a closely guarded secret, until one person admits to the habit, and then everyone listening has their own thrift store story and talks about the great buys. In the past, it may have been considered shameful to wear clothing from the thrift store but in today's world, it's about thrift, recycling, and being a smart shopper, especially since many brand new-with-tags pieces can be found in any thrift store.

Followers of Pinterest have noticed that there are many pins featuring remade clothing, especially men's shirts, and it is amazing what a seamstress can do! T-shirts are a many-featured remake and there are piles of these to be found at thrift stores

After reading The Grapevine" article, it was discovered that the area's newest consignment store, Divine Consign, had moved to Landis Avenue and featured a half price sale. Another local store, A Company of Angels, has two locations, one on High Street in Millville and one on Harvard Street in Vineland. Twice Loved Treasures, which benefits Inspira Health Network Hospice Care, is in the Forman Mills shopping center on Delsea Drive; also on Delsea Drive is The Salvation Army thrift store. Goodwill can be found on High Street in Millville, and Habitat for Humanity, selling household goods, building materials, appliances, furniture, and books can be found on Delsea Drive, Vineland.

So thrifters, put aside some money, grab a friend, and head out some Saturday for a day of shopping. If you leave early, you can probably make it to all of the local thrift stores before they close! And just a note, to make room in your closet for some "new" clothes, take some of your "old" clothes to Divine Consign and make a little money to replace what you spend!

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