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Thrift store shopping tip: Inventory sourcing; lucky eBay sellers can purchase collections


If you are an eBay seller of miscellaneous things, meaning your inventory varies all the time depending on what you happen to find to sell, we have a tip for you.

If you are out shopping at your favorite Goodwill or Salvation Army or similar type of resale or thrift store-watch for collections!  If your timing is right (which is nearly always the case with a "score" at one of these stores), you can find multiple pieces of a type of item at one time.

We were recently at a Goodwill in our local area, one that we typically never find much at.  Our expectations were low, but we were pleasantly surprised.  It seems that they had recently had a donation from some interesting collections.  This sometimes happens when family members clear out a home when someone has passed away.

We were able to find a couple collections of items including vintage pottery planters.  There were over 10 of these planters scattered between a few shelves in the store.  You could assume with 99% accuracy  that they came from one owner because the themes and coloring and age were about the same.  On another shelf we found a collection of collectible plush vintage Hallmark animals.  There were over 6 of these plush toys, in immaculate condition, mixed in with the yucky old plushes.  Again, you would tend to think they came from one home.

Our last collection was a bit of a hide and seek type of thing.  We had spotted some vintage Christmas china cups hanging within the coffee cup area.  Turning the corner, we saw the matching saucers in with the plates and dinnerware section.  Can you believe that in a 3rd area of the store we found the matching dinner plates?  The workers had put the dinner plates 3 isles over in the "Christmas" section.  We were able to score a full set of vintage Christmas china by hunting around! 

Don't forget to scour the store looking for similar items to those that you have already found.  Often the workers split up sets and different people place them on shelves.    You never know what you may find!

Collections make for quick listing, since your description stays close to the same and you only spend time changing it a little bit. 

Happy selling!!  Check my other articles for more quick tips on being an expert eBay seller.


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